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I have never seen a house where the slate won't fit. However, about 20% of the time the cabinet (the main portion of the table) needs to be disassembled. In these cases, we assemble the cabinet, mark all of the pieces and then disassemble it. This adds about 15 minutes to the final assembly and is very easy to do.


11/03/2016 11:28pm

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04/20/2017 12:11am

There's really no exact answer for your question because I think with better visualization of the space of your own house, you would actually fit that table in your house. But if you're really not that good at visualizing things in your own head and you're probably desperate for an answer, here's what I'm thinking. Obviously, you need to measure first the actual space where the table will be placed. Then of course, measure the table that you're going to buy and see if it would fit in your house. You'll gonna have to assemble the table first in the actual furniture store for you to measure and see it personally. This is just a simple solution and I hope I you can find the exact answer that you are looking for.

07/06/2017 11:35pm

Sounds tricky to me - Florence Flatpack

07/20/2017 8:43am

I generally just use common sense, based on my own formula of, how many places do I have available for people to sit down, then add half that number again because there's always people up walking around and whatnot. So for this place, that usually comes out to around 15 people or so max. Any more than that and it's getting crowded. And I agree with nerd, this is because I don't want people hanging out in the bedrooms or the garage.

12/12/2016 2:40pm

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02/13/2017 3:56am

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04/06/2017 7:47am

I will give you a call soon. I want to buy a table from you if you are still in business.

06/12/2017 12:38am

Does it really takes only 15 minutes? So fast! It's nice!

07/05/2017 3:05am

Disassembling as I can see it is a very effective way to fit the table, as you mentioned. It has to be put together on the spot where the table would be set. It would be difficult to fit the table through the door. That is why it is understandable that there is a need to employ manpower. It's good that there are people like you out there.

07/25/2017 1:47am

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12/01/2017 7:28am

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